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What is a Pellet Grill & How Does it Work?

What is a Pellet Grill?

A wood pellet grill burns 100% all-natural compressed hardwood pellets instead of gas or charcoal. Combining features of conventional ovens and traditional grills, wood pellet grills can be used to smoke, roast, bake, grill, and sear just about anything. When Traeger Grills invented the wood pellet grill in 1987, we discovered pellet grills create a consistent and controllable fire for better flavored food every time.


Traeger Invented the Original Wood-Fired Grill over 30 years ago in Mt. Angel, Oregon. We continue to lead the industry as the world’s #1 selling wood-fired grill, perfected by decades of mastering the craft of wood-fired cooking. A Traeger grill will transform the way you cook because it creates consistent results, every single time. Fuel your hunger for wood-fired flavor with Traeger.

How a Pellet Grill Works

Wood pellets are moved from the hopper to the fire pot by an auger. When the pellets reach the fire pot, they’re ignited by the HotRod to feed the flames and add delicious wood-fired flavor to your food. A fan circulates heat and smoke for even, consistent cooking, and a drip tray keeps flames off your food and prevents flare-ups. It’s all operated by a controller that maintains precise temperature so you can spend more time with the people who matter most and less time watching the grill.



Hardwood pellets fuel the fire and add incredible flavor.


Pick the temperature you want, then Set-it & Forget-it®.


Create flavorful moments your friends and family won't forget.

What Are The Benefits of a Pellet Grill?

Traeger wood pellet grills infuse your food with true wood-fired flavor for incredibly delicious results. They also offer simple, oven-like controls that allow you to simply Set-It & Forget-It®, and they offer 6-in-1 versatility to grill, smoke, bake, roast, braise, & BBQ on one grill.

As easy as turning on your oven

Setting the temperature on your Traeger grill is as easy as turning on your oven. Our digital controllers ensure that you get precise, consistent temperatures throughout your cook. And if that wasn’t enough, the Pro, Ironwood and Timberline series all come equipped with WiFIRE® enabled controllers – giving you the ability to control your grill from anywhere using the Traeger App or your smart home device.

Better Taste

Fire brings the true flavor of your food to the forefront. Cooking with all-natural hardwood makes your best recipes taste even better. With Traeger’s 6-in-1 versatility, you can grill, smoke, bake, roast, braise, &BBQ like a true backyard boss. Our always dependable fire and smoke produces consistent results and perfectly cooked food, every single time. From low and slow to hot and fast, cook it all with ease.

Can a Pellet Grill Replace a Gas Grill?

Yes, anything you can cook on a gas grill, you can cook on a Traeger wood pellet grill. Plus, Traeger grills let you grill, smoke, bake, roast, braise, & BBQ on one grill so you actually have even greater versatility, and they infuse your food with delicious wood-fired flavor.

Wood doesn't just fuel the fire

- It's the secret ingredient

The best-selling wood-fired grill demands the best pellets on the market. Real taste doesn't just happen – it's made from all-natural hardwood, producing perfect smoke. It starts with all-natural hardwood pellets made in American mills. Designed specifically to work with Traeger grills, our pellets are calibrated for maximum consistency so you get perfect results every time.

Our pellets also come in a variety of flavors to suit every type of food. Fruit woods like cherry and apple impart a sweeter, more subtle flavor that matches perfectly with poultry, pork, seafood, and baked goods. Bolder staples like oak, hickory, and mesquite are tailor-made for savory beef, wild game, and vegetables.

Are Traeger grills electric?

Traeger grills use electricity to power the auger that feeds real hardwood pellets to the fire and the fan that circulates heat and smoke to ensure consistent results. The fire in a Traeger grill is fueled by 100% all-natural hardwood pellets. Learn more about how Traeger grills work here.

How Much Electricity Does a Pellet Grill Use?

Since Traeger wood pellet grills are 100% fueled by all-natural hardwood pellets, they actually use a relatively small amount of electricity to operate. A small amount of electricity is used by Traeger grills to power the controller, ignite the fire, turn the auger, and power the fan.

Can a Pellet Grill Stay Outside

Traeger offers custom-fit covers for their wood pellet grills that are made of heavy-duty, all-weather materials that block rain, snow, and sun. They feature snug, secure fits that keep the elements out no matter the weather.

Can you Use a Pellet Grill in the Rain

You can cook with Traeger wood pellet grills in rain and snow. Traeger grills are protected from water spray less than 60 degrees from vertical—in other words, don’t place your Traeger over a sprinkler or cook in a tropical storm.

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