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Traeger on the menu


With help from Traeger grills, chefs around the world are forging new ways to create culinary experiences and delicious food. “Traeger on the Menu” highlights restaurants where wood-fired flavor is always on the menu.


Park City, an iconic Utah mountain town, is known for more than its world-renowned ski resorts. With everything from outdoors stores and galleries to bars and fine dining, Park City’s historic Main Street is usually crowded with locals and tourists alike. Chef Robert Valaika’s restaurant, Shabu, fits right in with a menu that matches the nature of this Utah town’s lifestyle. Its freestyle Asian cuisine makes for unexpected flavors that keep diners coming back for more.

 Dive Into the Shabu Experience

See how a Tailgater Grill can feed a crowd hungry for Shabu’s Asian cuisine.

Since its opening, Shabu has become popular for its welcoming atmosphere and adventurous dishes. With Japanese, Thai, and Chinese food influences, Bob’s “freestyle” cuisine also gets inspiration from skiing and the outdoors.

“[Cooking and skiing] went together really well, and it also gave me the freedom to be creative and incorporate fusion from Asian cuisine,” Bob said in an interview with Traeger. “It worked out. I was like, yeah, let’s just call it freestyle Asian cuisine. And people liked it.”

Bob’s self-proclaimed “over-the-top” style is uniquely his own, and Shabu’s menu reflects that. If you’re in it for the sushi, Shabu’s Rising Sun roll (among a ton of specialty rolls) will do the trick with blue crab, avocado, and roasted red pepper. Opt for some nigiri, too, and keep it traditional with a Sake tasting.

If you’re sitting down for a more involved meal, start with “hot bites” from the dinner menu, including firecracker shrimp with spicy aioli and tobiko, steamed bao buns with BBQ pork belly and Asian coleslaw, and crispy spring rolls with shrimp, pork, and rice noodles. Keep it going with noodles and rice, including Shoyu ramen and duck confit fried rice, and don’t shy away from the even more impressive mains. With a healthful take on fine dining, Shabu incorporates delicious flavors that stand out in dishes like sweet miso caramelized black cod and bibimbap with Szechuan chicken sausage and a soy poached egg.

But, according to Bob, the Traeger smoked korobuta ribs steal the show.

“We’ve had them on the menu for at least eight years now, ever since we brought Traeger in,” Bob said. “People love it. It’s our number one seller here… we sell hundreds of pounds here off that Traeger Grill.”

If diners are in for more smoky flavor, they can turn to the bar for a perfect drink pairing. Shabu smokes all their simple syrups for cocktails, like their Gin Blossom and Shaburita. They even use Traeger-smoked honey in their Utah-inspired Beehive Buzz, which is topped with fresh rosemary.

Bob’s inspiration for Shabu’s menu runs deep. He grew up cooking before eventually attending culinary school and moving to Aspen, Colorado, soon after. He worked in the field for a decade and trained under his mentor, Nobu Matsuhisa, who is generally known as a pioneer sushi chef. He settled in Park City after receiving his restaurant management degree. Before long, “one thing led to another,” and Bob opened Shabu alongside his brother in 2004.

Now, locals rely on the restaurant for a unique dining experience. Bob says that “people that have wonderful palates, people that understand good food,” and “people that have a real good drive to have quality food,” are always return customers.

Acclaimed by SLC Weekly, Visit Park City, and more, Shabu is a restaurant worth the stop. Whether you’re down from the slopes or just shopping on historic Main Street, this restaurant offers a welcoming and lively atmosphere. Its original brick walls and unique artwork fit in with the food and the mountain town, which is also known for its local art galleries.

Even as fine dining chefs, everyone working at the restaurant actively skis and can be found on the slopes of Park City resorts and in the Cottonwood Canyons when they're not cooking up a storm. Bob says that he and his employees are out in the snow as much as possible, which makes working in this Utah mountain town even more of an adventure. Just like the restaurant’s website says, “Shabu serves renowned cuisine with a serious dose of fun.”

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